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October 28, 2016


The Nuxeo Platform supports the most demanding content-focused applications with outstanding enterprise scale and processing speed that outperforms existing systems by an order of magnitude. Nuxeo is a hyper- scale digital asset management system that gives highly customizable and open source content management platform for business applications in the large organizations across a wide range of markets. Using open source model, the developers of this platform creates many flexible content management systems like document management, case management, and Digital asset management. Document management system is a rich content management system and with this [...]

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October 28, 2016

North Plains

Northplains provides digital asset management solutions to some of the world’s top brands. North Plains platform for developing web applications and dynamic web-based customer experiences from bespoke websites to applications. Brand management software integration enables marketers to be both agile and in control of multiple campaigns, across multiple geographies and with the active engagement and involvement of multiple internal and external teams. Northplains is regarded as the World’s leading platform that helps the businesses by managing different brands and products and visual media contents. This platform includes global professionals who can help [...]

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October 28, 2016


NetX is a simple, helpful and flexible software solution provider in Digital Asset Management system and empowers content producers, graphic designers, global marketers. NetX offers an in-house hosting opportunity to the organizations as well as provides cloud-based digital asset management solutions that create easy and flexible workflows to the industries. It can also minimize the time and cost of content production and increases ROI from media assets. NetX provides an awesome platform to the customers where they can search any information using searching tools and this operation can be available in any devices like mobile, tablets, computers, etc. It [...]

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October 28, 2016


The Merlin Digital Asset Management system gives you immediate access to all of your valuable assets no matter how large a digital collection you have. MerlinOne systems are working 7×24 helping customers like Pfizer, Harvard University, Habitat for Humanity, and the White House store, retrieve and protect large collections with confidence that all of their digital assets are accessible and secure. Merlinone  delivers the Digital asset management software to large news organizations, media, and other govt. corporations to increase their speed and productivity by providing the innovative technologies. It’s a great software, that helps to connect with [...]

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October 28, 2016

Oracle WebCenter Content

Oracle Web center Content provides a simple and effective content management platform that helps organizations to control their structured and unstructured contents and allows the companies to manage their entire lifecycle of the contents. It enables the organizations to deliver different contents to the business users through mobile devices, computers, and business applications in the proper format to manage their business strategies and to fit the needs of business users. This platform delivers world’s top hardware and software solutions for the businesses to reduce cost and complexity of software infrastructure. This platform includes document [...]

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